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LCHF Nation Cookbook  Vol. 1

LCHF Nation Cookbook Vol. 1



These are the recipes we live by and they showcase how versatile, satisfying and exciting eating LCHF can be! Unlike other cookbooks you purchase, which will just sit unused on your bookshelf, you will want to make everything in these cookbooks - over and over again! All recipes provide both metric and imperial measurements and use universally available ingredients.

Many years ago, John and I each lost a considerable amount of weight by eating a Primal, Grain-Free LCHF diet.  Being foodies, along the way, we developed some seriously tasty recipes and, as a result, we never felt deprived.

We set out with a mission: To convert all your favorite recipes into tasty LCHF versions. We removed the carbs but not the flavors! This is real food - casseroles, gratins, stirfries, salads, pizzas, chicken pot pie, amazing quick breads and desserts, puddings, crackers and soups. 

These are the meals we ate to lose weight and now eat every day to maintain our weight. Here you'll find recipes that you can enjoy for every occasion, whether you're looking for something quick to make after work or something more special for entertaining. Most of our recipes are "make ahead" and provide multiple servings so you can store them in the fridge or freezer and enjoy them many times over. 

Our goal in writing this cookbook is to make everything EASY for you, whether your goal is weight loss, weight maintenance and/or just good health. Each recipe has full nutrition information per serving provided and for those watching their macros, we've also included the percentage of fat for every recipe.

Every recipe uses universally available ingredients and provides both metric and imperial measurements so whether you live in South Africa, Australia, India, the UK, the US, China, or any other country it will be easy to reproduce our food!

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