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NEW! Personalized, Easy to Follow, Simple, LCHF Weight Loss Meal Plan and a 45 minute Complimentary Coaching Session


NEW to LCHF Nation - By popular demand, we now offer easy to follow, flexible, personalized weight loss meal plans tailored to your individual and exact food, caloric and carb requirements! Perfect for those who want an easy, no fuss, basic LCHF plan who don't have time for fancy recipes and prefer to keep cooking to a bare minimum. Your plan includes a 45 minute phone coaching session with me that will have you confident about moving forward.

My weight loss coaching clients find that this is exactly the type of meal plan that they are 100% comfortable using, and are succeeding with.

Keeping things simple, will make it much easier for you to lose weight!

Based on your food preferences and weightloss goal, I will create for you a simple, easy to use LCHF meal plan, that contains easy to find ingredients such as veggies, simple proteins and healthy fats. 

You choose the ingredients

All the meals in your weight loss meal plan will contain no more than 3-5 ingredients so you can easily put these simple meals together after work AND stay faithful to your LCHF weight loss plan.

You can repeat a day's eating as often as you like. Even beginners to LCHF eating will find this meal plan easy to follow.

Your personalized meal plan will contain easy meal options for breakfast, lunch/snack and dinner that you can mix and match.

    Just choose one breakfast, one lunch and one dinner from the list I will prepare for you each day. You can rotate or repeat the same breakfast, lunch or dinner as often as you like - it's simple, fast and easy!

    After you place your order, I will email you and ask you a few simple lifestyle questions about the foods you enjoy, and some basic stats like your age, activity level, starting weight and goal weight and which meal of the day you like to be your largest.

    I will then create for you a simple, easy to use personalized meal plan that will state the exact amount for you to eat for each meal. All meals will contain your ideal macros and comprise of a veggie serving, a protein serving and a fat serving. Some examples of dinner options: 

    Roasted Cauliflower and Steak/Chicken/Fish 

    8 oz (220g) raw cauliflower chopped and tossed with 1 tbsp olive oil/butter/avocado oil or coconut oil, roasted for 20 minutes, served with 6oz steak or 8oz (220g) chicken breast or 6oz (220g) salmon.


    Caprese Salad

    3oz (85g) fresh mozzarella cheese (or soft goat cheese), 1 medium 8oz (225g) tomato chopped, a few leaves of basil chopped and drizzled with 2 tbsp olive oil and a splash of balsamic vinegar.

    Note, the above are just examples of what could be in YOUR plan. The amounts of each ingredient will be different for each person according to their carb and calorie requirements. 

    Imagine no counting, no following fancy recipes, no food logging! Everything is worked out for you and includes only your specified foods. 

    All you need to do is follow the meal plan until you reach your goal!

    Your meal plan comes with lots of extras:

    • My useful veggie and protein substitution lists that my coaching clients love, so you can easily switch out one veggie or protein for another whenever you want.
    • A free LCHF cookbook of your choice
    • A 45 minute coaching call with me 

    This is the easiest to use customized meal plan ever!

    To find out more, please reach out to me (Elena) at  I'd love to help you succeed so don't be shy - reach out to me, ask me questions to find out if this is right for you and I'll get you started immediately. 

    Elena is a fully accredited Institute of Integtrative Nutrition Nutrition and Weight Loss Coach who understands the nutritional needs and challenges of women in midlife. Read more about her coaching and meal plan services on her website.



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